Adult services in Sydney

So you are exploring adult Sydney... And whenever you say adult - you probably mean sex in some form...
Erotic massage, brothels, table dancing and swing clubs form a luscious mix of Sydney adult entertainment. This guide explains Sydney sex services so that you get straight to the point when you are in Sydney!

Although the most famous Sydney adult clubs are located near CBD (Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills), you don't have to go a long way to find an adult entertainment in Greater Sydney. Both massage salons and brothels can be found in a Sydney suburb near you. However massage salon does not necessarily mean it's an adult massage or a brothel.

Types of adult services in Sydney

Adult services in Sydney cater for a variety of sexual appetites and tastes. And testes. Most Sydney adult services involve sex in some form. (Wow!)

The most popular types of Sydney adult services (some explored by us for your convenience) are:



Of course this is the largest and most popular category of Sydney sex industry.
Brothels are found in nearly every street suburb. However (unfortunately) there is a limited number of brothels in Sydney CBD (The City) compared to Sydney Metro (Greater Sydney). Unless you experienced a strong sexual urge and popped out of the office in the middle of a meeting, consider visiting a brothel in the outskirts of Sydney CBD or in Sydney suburbs.

Unexpectedly a visit to a brothel in Sydney CBD will usually not damage your wallet much more than a visit to a brothel in a suburban Sydney, with one exemption: the Penthouse. The Penthouse is a 5-star sex establishment, with all consequences. An hour of sexual pleasure in The Penthouse will set you back by $320 ($270 before 7pm).


A massage place in Sydney is a quite tricky type of establishment as sometimes you can't tell from their ad what type of massage they provide. Often it would be conventional massage with no sexual intercourse involved. Other times they would provide a full body massage with "hand relief". And of course some Sydney massage places do what is called "full service" which includes erotic massage and sex.

Swing clubs

There aren't so many "swing clubs" in Sydney but they are worth mentioning.

There are 2 distinct types of swing clubs in Sydney: those that admit single men and those that admit couples only. The ones that admit single men, in our observation, are in fact disguised brothels, only with a different price structure. While a brothel may charge a fee based on time spent with a girl, swing clubs will usually charge an entry fee. The client may then stay for as long as they would like and (in theory) have sex with as many girls he likes or can get.

Swing clubs that admit couples only (they also usually admit single women) are genuine swing clubs that don't employ sex workers but rather fulfil (note Australian spelling!) sexual fantasies of couples from general public like you and me.

Table dancing

Table dancing places are mostly "no sex" type of adult entertainment in Sydney. They are inexpensive (entry $11 per person) and sell alcohol and food as in pubs and hotels. They are mostly good for socialising and for warming up before embarking on a more serious adventure.

Strip shows

Strip shows are usually a more serious establishment compared to table dancing as some have girls and rooms where they provide sex services. Strip shows are mostly located in the Kings Cross area.



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